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  • 22 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 15:33

Agri Ibrahim Chechen University is growing rapidly

Agri Ibrahim Chechen University is growing rapidly
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Agri Ibrahim Chechen University,'East of the Rising Light'on the way out with the password the number of students within six years from about 15 thousand to 500 thousand when removing the city's economy annually contributes approximately £ 70 million .

Ağrı news:
short history despite the physical and academic development , the number of students the rapid increase in the sample between educational institutions , shown to produce information or the city , region and country contributing to Agri Ibrahim Chechen University, also an international training slot about being sure strides . University of evaluating the concept of the universal meaning of the point where the Rector Dr. Irfan Lion, using the resources of each university will reach from local to international level should act with a vision , he said. Located within the University Center for Research and Application Lab in the world with the scientific and technological infrastructure equipped to meet the standards noted that Professor Dr. Irfan Aslan, \"the Turkish Accreditation Agency is accredited by the center of our drinking water, waste water, food, aggregates, concrete construction, coal , oil and agricultural analysis , such as routine analyzes on-site to do the infrastructure is located . Besides our lab organic farming, geothermal resources optimally with the use of greenhouses, animal husbandry, beekeeping , fodder production and modern agricultural practices to the region specialized to the high efficient production materials for the development of plant foods , meat, dairy and egg production SMEs engaged in quality and quantity to improve the R \u0026 D efforts are being made , \"he spoke .
in a structural change in recent years in the livestock'Small Family Business'is the name and a few animals underlines the dairy business was declining rapidly , Prof. Dr. Lion, \"However, for dairy breeding incentives granted under the influence of 100 head and more animals containing the number of enterprises is rapidly increasing. However, this type of large enterprises management professionalism involve the'Farm Manager can call the technical training of a higher education schools in our country are not available. This direction Eleşkirt in the district have established and Turkey's first and only Jalal Fasting animal Production school in recent years with the lack of much felt Ranch Manager are grown. Anatolian Seljuk architecture inspired by the complex logic designed in the school building , as well as 250 cattle with a capacity of a modern farm students training as a practical vision with the \"he said.
Agri Ibrahim Chechen University within six faculties, 2 institutes , six colleges and six professional schools and six research and application center with many domestic and foreign student expression that combines science , Prof. Dr. Irfan Aslan, social and cultural development of research centers and regional and global level and at the point of the problems contributing to the resolution said.


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