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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:51

AK Party Consultative Meeting Patnos'ta

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PAIN ( AFP)-AK Party Deputy Chairman Abdul Hamid Gul, referring to what happened in Patnos'ta during Kopani events, \"The burning of the municipalities in the demonstrations in the past month building and burned my dear watching watching TV the holocaust of the vehicles in the car park ,\"he said .

Ağrı news: Photo Justice and Development Party ( AK Party ) Consultative Meeting ; Municipal Cultural Center of the AK Party Deputy Chairman Abdul Hamid Gul , Deputy Pain Ekrem Celebi, Istanbul deputies Oktay Saral and Erol Aydın, Pendik Mayor Kenan Sahin, the AK Party Agri President Abdurrahman Cetin, Patnos President Fatih Light, Patnos'ta Mayor Cem Afşin Akbayar , Dough Mayor Cezmi Ergül, Eleşkirt Mayor Sebahattin Yellow, Yücekap the Borough Mayor İlhami Zeyrek Dedeli Borough Mayor Veys-stop , with the participation of the party and Patnos'ta people. Photo speaking here of the AK Party Deputy Chairman Abdul Hamid Gul Kopani talked about what happened during the events Patnos'ta . Rose, \"The burning of the demonstrations during the past month, the city hall and burned my dear watching watching TV the holocaust of the vehicles in the car park. It's not such a nice city to burn the building work . As the Prime Minister'you are prone we will do the more beautiful. \"I want them to cheer the hearts of all Patnoslu . We are a state , we are the government. to bring a new one instead of the outgoing , we know of course making new instead of burning because we AK Party hükümetiyiz . Everything we first word before , we will continue to do servant and serve our people, \"he said. Photo Patnos'ta Mayor Cem Afşin Akbayar If , everyone for their support and thanked the district came separately. Akbayar , \"the events in the last month , burning municipal buildings and our vehicles , were our fundamental point of service . Burning municipal building Patnoslu of burning vehicles Patnoslu of is the loss of the damages still Patnosl . No Patnosl the son of his own municipality, not destroying their vehicles. These events outside the work of that person . this business premeditated and municipal buildings were set on fire with tools. here I say again, have common sense and Patnoslu in this event and to damage their property . these events are those from outside the person's city , \"he said . Photo made ​​consultation observations in meeting the delegation of municipal buildings burned . Then the new building to the parliamentarians and presidents, after eating in space is organized by the municipality , to be joined again by ashura distribution program organized by the Municipality Patnos'ta . AK Party delegation visited the Governor finally Patnos'ta Arslan also Mahmuth authorities.

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