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  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 18:59

Corn Silage Harvest Period Start

Corn Silage Harvest Period Start
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PAIN (UAV)-Pain Patnos by the Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock , animal forage to meet the needs of the planted corn silage harvest season began.

Ağrı news:
connected to the district visits in the village , farming Abdullah Ataseven of the 150-acre area planted silage corn field observations in the District Agriculture Food and Livestock Manager Naci private , and Van agricultural activities within the livestock , an important potential , noting that animal's basic entry in the oath , economical and profitable farming is the most important factor in conducting activities , he said. Livestock holdings roughage requirement forage crops obtained from an expression that private is \"our province livestock enterprises produced in the most important forage crop alfalfa and sainfoin are . Silage maize cultivation in our province is very small. County our first silage maize cultivation in 2012, 130 acres of land was made in . This year across the county total 650 acres of land planted in corn the yield above the country average , \"he said .
Horizons Agricultural Extension and Advisory officials , the knowledge and techniques , the farmer's experience combined with stating, crop and animal production ensure the sustainability said. Patnos their work in the end , animal breeding and dairy cattle farms , animal feed production is limited and still the old methods used determined that stated that the authorities, in the county of modern agriculture and animal husbandry made ​​to farmers for every kind of support to provide agricultural advisors with the work they do say . Objectives for the next season produced corn silage amount 4-5 times to increase stressed that the authorities for this training and farmers held meetings would , if necessary, in the fields of education , giving farmers more modern agriculture integrates said they would .
Program , Agricultural Engineer Faruk Taşdemir, Vanishing Agricultural Advisory Company owner Alexander Ertas, agricultural engineers and farmers participated.


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