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  • 25 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:56

In PTT's 174 Anniversary Celebrated pain

In PTT's 174 Anniversary Celebrated pain
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Post and Telegraph Organization in pain (PTT) 174'unc anniversary was celebrated with organized activities .

Ağrı news: Post and Telegraph Organization in pain (PTT) 174'unc anniversary was celebrated with organized activities . Photo in the morning hours starting at Monument Square events by placing a wreath at the Ataturk Memorial , the pain continued with a visit to the Governor . After visiting PTT Regional Governor's Office at the box office in the number of traded citizens 174'unc burning pain commemorative stamp set by Regional Directors of PTT Abakan Falcon was a gift. Speaking here PTT General Director of Pain Falcon Abakan , the date of the establishment of PTT since October 23, 1840 stated that produces uninterrupted service. Abakan , \"our our people so far its inception has always committed to providing the best and quality service organization is the result of today's elite level to come and publicize you that our staff in prestige every level gained in the eyes altruistic carried out with a high sense of duty operation. Mail starting from Our company specializes in 2003 cargo logistics and PTT Bank of the projects it produces with great move made in the service building services provided by passing the required service life improvement of the physical condition , both the selectivity in the education level of the staff receives dry both by increasing the variety of services it offers . Many institutions and emerging technologies with the agreements it has made to the organization closely bitten to follow by itself a renewal process and has continued this successful to work today putting a positive value on every day. Registered as still implemented by producing in recent years, Electronic Mail (PEP) , email notification , Pttcell , Fast Pass System ( HGS ) to meet the needs of our nation with such service areas and constantly renews itself by continuing to produce new projects , \"he said .

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