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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:07

Pain Mayor Sirri Sakık:

Pain Mayor Sirri Sakık:
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Pain Mayor Sirri Sakık , \"Here we will just take our mother tongue education .

Ağrı news: Turkish education will be , will be training at the beginning of the Kurdish side . We have no enmity against our Turkish. Turkish education should be made a proper education to be made , \"he said .
Pain Hurriyet neighborhood of Ahmedi Hani Education Support home to the opening of Pain Mayor Sirri Sakık , the Deputy Mayor Successor Partridge and Omar Parker, students joined with parents. Pain gave a speech at the opening Mayor Sirri Sakık , \"Dear children, young people and our dear people; We told you in this city, which took over the task of one thing . We have stated that we will not lie to you . We have no big projects , we share the little we have but what we do with you ant gets dark . We took over the municipality of Turkey's poorest municipalities inheriting and Turkey's most indebted municipalities. We see once again how poor the poor neighborhoods of pain from time to time people go . Pain is a really poor people and stray people. Pain After that we will build a barricade against poverty together with the people and against fukaralığı . Here we will inaugurate today Ahmedi Hani Education Support House is a touch . No equality in education and in any area of life in Turkey. Here we will take the first step to equality for her. Here , our grown children and our brothers in Turkey have shown considerable success . We will also be the voice of the poor here . Those postage money is taught to children in different areas , can provide paid training , they can send them to the classroom , but this is the place lacks. We will announce the voice of the poor is the voice of the poor in Turkey. Here we are opening a home education support , in the near future we will open a cultural center . Here we will only receive training with our language. Jove will also be teaching Turkish , Kurdish-language education will be the beginning as well. We will train well in Turkish, Kurdish will a well-trained . Some of us are trying to figure out wrong , they try to be a little different. We have no enmity against our Turkish , Turkish education be made a proper education should be done correctly . Here landmarks universal education, where the instructor be seen if the Kurdish and Turkish colleagues , the real training will give in this way. How wrong was a lie mythologized history, just glorifying the history of a people, other people are ignoring, humiliating , he will find a place where they taught us in Turkish history . All rights friends with our own history where teachers will teach our children that date .'If children, young people are our future'we say we need to educate them both in this country should stop the ongoing war that we should die any more children. We will stop the war and the Municipality of pain as the training we will offer more reasonable to find great support life. \"Photo residents who touched the lives of school , \"a student teacher in our provinces we usually had very little income . Our course be empty. I will always be class president speech , but I always assign these empty classes. I will be the nominee and I will defend your right , I always used to say . Now our teachers would occasionally seek out and remembering these days . Today we open the Ahmedi Hani Education Support House. Here we trained both Turkish and Kurdish in our native language. Here also we will also expand our Kurdish Turkish. Kurdish our first lesson today. While the Turkish alphabet in 29 , while 31 is the letter in Kurdish . Kurdish'm not very good, I do not know Kurdish academic . I also take lessons in Kurdish come here with you , \"he said . After browsing Sirri Sakık Photo Opening classes and students, Ahmedi Hani batch was photographed in front of the Education Support House.

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