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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:34

Patnos'ta Pendik Municipality with'brother'died

Patnos'ta Pendik Municipality with'brother'died
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PAIN ( AFP)-The Municipality of Istanbul Pendik Municipality Patnos'ta Pain with'Sister Municipalities'were .

Ağrı news: Photo Patnos'ta program held at the Municipality AK Party Deputy Chairman Abdul Hamid Gul , Pendik Mayor Kenan Sahin, Patnos'ta joined Mayor Cem Afşin Akbayar with the party . Abdul Hamid Gul speaking here , the building used to serve the burning Patnos'ta no conscience , no understanding never said they would not accept . Rose, \"No Patnosl not burn down the building made ​​to serve him. This provocation , this vandalism never agree ,\"he said . Photo Pendik Mayor Kenan mind that they come to town with Sahin Rose, \"This is the meaning of the visit. Our region before We made our visits to different provinces and districts. We, as the AK Party government , we will continue to serve our nation as local governments. Today, both our beloved nation to get past the Patnos'ta people we can do as well as what to say , we Patnos't to talk to them. AK Party as we have our experienced municipal especially in terms of making guide our first AK Party became the municipality as Patnos'ta'Sister municipalities'gave applications to the speed. Herewith Istanbul's very valuable Kenan president of Pendik Mayor Falcon, with Patnos'ta Municipality'Sister municipalities'Us as headquarters were established. the whole team here with new living spaces , parks, gardens, I believe they will reveal a new city with landscaping. We will apply the same to other municipalities in our province . Thank you very much to the people Patnos'ta because of sincerity they showed us , \"he said . The Photo Patnos'ta Mayor Cem Afşin Akbayar , October 7 everyone bothers , said a legitimate incident they faced were uncomfortable living in the county . Akbayar , \"We call it the road accident we call . Most of the people living in the city center have met regretted this incident . AK Party with the support of you as a municipality would show itself in a very short time , we hope that the AK Party will draw to a level appropriate to increase the welfare of our citizens living in the local management philosophy. Herewith my first personally and on behalf of all municipal staff and organization on behalf of all the citizens I represent primarily inherent to your forehead and we are now offering my gratitude and thankfulness to our other guests honoring today, \"he said.


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