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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:55

Project Presentation Meeting in pain

Project Presentation Meeting in pain
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Pain 2 years carried out by the Provincial Directorate of National Education successfully meeting was held this year across the province and promotion of projects to be implemented for the first time .

Ağrı news: Photo Pain Provincial Education across 2 years province by the Directorate has been successfully will continue in execution and 2014-2015 academic \"Month breath , Back to you tomorrow and Education My Future\"project with freshly prepared \"Books Speaks , Revealed Future and O'Who Tells the Most Beautiful \"held introductory meetings of the project. Adult Education Centre Directorate meeting Provincial Director of Education held at the hall Dursun Hatem, Provincial Director of Education assistant Isaac Hasanoğlu and Nariman Karakoc , branch managers , school administrators , R \u0026 D unit , joined the teachers in charge of the project in schools. Dursun I Hate Provincial Education Director Speaking at the meeting ,'Month Breathe Project'under the village who work in schools with combined grades , or just the first stage and with teachers who can not commute to the city center , he said the future together. Directorates related business and operations closely to ensure that they , and access to current announcements followed , informational meetings , the teachers , let alone an expression that is important in terms of motivation, \"Unified class or only the first step from the existing village our schools the teachers and every month of the quarter for our administrators 15's I will be appointed following the first Friday of the deputy or meetings chaired by branch managers will be held. classroom management at the meeting , effective communication skills, teacher attitudes, literacy teaching techniques, lesson processing techniques in multigrade classrooms , TQM, correspondence rules, e-school as will be trained on issues , \"he said .
'Back to you Tomorrow Project'under the teacher-student-parent to strengthen the communication between and Dursun , indicating that they intended to remove prejudices, \"Students get to know more closely, especially girls to ensure the continuation of the school , the students ended the school and the parents this project is intended to improve the schools were invited to the school-parent communication . School principals in the presidential-Preparation Project Monitoring and Evaluation Team will be in accordance with the plan ; The working conditions of family homes to be visited and the student will be developed taking into account the good dialogue about the family. In addition, parents will be increased communication invited to parent-school to school , \"he said .'re Photo Stop ,'Education Future Project'under the condolence their homes, pensions and the importance given to education, especially girls'schooling to be related to awareness raising and values ​​in the society organized programs for the training prejudices , he said aimed to eliminate . the aim of the children's education to families, family communication , adolescent psychology, values ​​informing educational issues and Dursun expression that create awareness , \"Students in our national, moral, to give our moral values ​​and our students about these values ​​and the community to raise awareness . The project directorate and the province will be conducted by the commission established in Mufti our side , \"he said.'re Photo Stop,'Revealed Future Books Speaks Project'scope to provide all middle and high school students on the reading habits of students'self to express , encourage the development of communication and social skills , project by giving students the habit of reading books , said they aimed to gain knowledge and skills to interpret social awareness . Dursun, \"the goal of the book reading contest will be held among students in our schools ; and to promote the reading habit among secondary school students studying in high school and books to increase the acquisition request. Book with information comprehension of the relationship between our students to the world , to people and events is to give the ability to see different perspectives . Effective for students to think , write and teach their ability to solve problems .'He Who Tells the Best Project'under the middle school students , we aim to contribute to the development of spiritual thoughts and feelings. Prophet examples of our Lord's experience and to understand the morality of Turkish students develop properly effective and good speaking skills , contribute to the development of self-confidence by providing the ability to express themselves in public, we aim to contribute to the social and psychological development , \"he said . After Photo Dursun speech Deputy Director of Education in charge of the project were given detailed information about the TUBITAK Science Fair Isaac Hasanoğlan by .


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