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  • 29 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 15:15

Republic Day Excitement in pain

Republic Day Excitement in pain
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PAIN (UAV)-the pain , the event was organized to celebrate the anniversary of the proclamation of the republic 91'inc .

Ağrı news: Photo in the morning in his office that accepts congratulations Governor Dr. Pain Mehmet TEKİNARSLAN , then joined in the celebrations continued into Erzurum Street Courthouse. Mehmet TEKİNARSLAN gave a speech here , for centuries , he said the dirty games played on the people living in this region. TEKİNARSLAN , \"in the prayer of our Karaman Ermenek district before I start mine I want to say that our stranded citizens. Today, we are experiencing the great joy of celebration in unity and solidarity as a nation, the 91-year anniversary of our republic . The Republic of Turkey today strong economic structure, based on human rights and freedoms democracy , a strong army , the management approach provides the embrace with the state and the nation has become a respected country . for centuries played dirty tricks on the people living in this region. We covet as long as we keep our hands on this beautiful homeland , and this will be games continue those . However, as in the past we we nor brotherhood , what we compromising our love nor to each other our unity. treasonous , insidiously we give opportunity to the employees to make the unhappy. nor we are So what they changed . I believe that , of us who hostilities , we will remain in the drop at each other and separation enthusiasm always save . Together with the love of this nation will overcome everything . And finally the Republic of Turkey ; language, religion , race, regardless of color and creed discrimination will work with full force to live a happy and prosperous environment for all people , \"he said . Photo governor after the Tekinarslan's speech , edited jogging scope of October 29th Republic Day celebrations . Parallel to the winning students was awarded . Pain Doğubayazıt in very Programme High School was awarded with entering the Turkish flag download guzzling parties catch certificate of achievement at the ceremony to the police officers of the garden .
October 29th Republic Day celebrations ended with made ​​parade . the ceremony, Pain Governor Dr. Mehmet Tekinarslan as well as the 12th Mechanized Brigade Commander Brigadier General Mustafa Yaşar , joined students and citizens with corporate managers.


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