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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:35

Silver , Reassures

Silver , Reassures
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Education A-Sen Branch Chairman Pain Solomon Silver , reaffirms confidence .

Ağrı news: Education A-Sen Branch Chairman of Agri Photo 4.'nc Ordinary General Meeting was held at the Congress of People's Education Center hall. Homage Providing and national anthem, a reading of the speech in the congress started training Bir-Sen Pain Branch President Süleyman Silver , \"Today, if Turkey advanced democracy he sentence establishes , is being sought from the mistakes of the past , the nation rağmenci are losing , raises the silent majority voice , impact and memorandum attempts before not as successful as possible ; herein Education-Bir-Sen , Officer-Sen has a very, very important part of the vertebrate and upright posture . Travel the king naked shouting , without disturbing the position of December 17, global operations and eventually prevailing again us. Kopani events called , engraved with the dirty image to memory , with looting, brutality , violence said , trying to disrupt those who can not digest the fraternal climate , to trying to disrupt the settlement process \"this way dead-end street \"who say , again, we are representing the common sense. we do put our hands in the solution process and put we continue . this country is not operating table and benches should be global . Great Israel , one of the objectives is to divide the supply-i Mevud eastern Turkey. An organization who saw this bench and it resists with all his might. We stand against the godless assimilation policies for years . Lead our brotherhood as we resisted those people that the system is othering often. We will continue to resist. \"Photo \"at the mine in Karaman Ermenek patience to close our trapped workers lately wish God have mercy on our martyrs who died in the treacherous attack , I wish condolences to bereaved families and our nation , \"said Silver , \"National unity and brotherhood carried out in order to achieve success in all that we see as the least solution would have given unconditional support for the study process , we will continue to do so . Because we are a multicultural, equal citizenship and participatory democracy understanding of new and strong in Turkey , we see no matter where in the world can search for the right of an oppressed downtrodden and the result in the success of the solution process to take place at his side as a prerequisite. However, employees should know to stop provoking the solution process , our support is not to cause security vulnerabilities without compromising the freedom of policy will depend on the strategy and implementation . Nurtured by undemocratic practices , deep and full of dirty focus of the perpetrators of those murders revealed to undertake the contract \"Old Turkey \"We want to keep the old. \"Republican Rallies \", \"Travel Events \", \"Kopani \"pretext not given the opportunity to attempt country into chaos dragging , especially the \"Travel \"and \"Kopani \"of violence and vandalism in the event we believe that responsibility falls on everyone to avoid any more . September and upgrades that takes students and employees, the voice of those who politicize school these days we are witnessing more out . If we do not each one of us falls upon us, we would be under the nightmare will collapse on us. Yes, we the members of thinking and producing a virtuous cause. The address of the noble struggle of Education-a-as you , at the point of us , God forbid, arrogance , conceit , a pride of the hill, look , it will be referred to complacency . On the contrary, we hold ourselves to every dem in accounting . Should not forget that there are more than 1 million education employees . Going to do and I want to say that we need to do more work . The right of our employees , the protection of law, training employees continues to produce special achievements , we signed the hope of greater success , \"he said . Photo Made convention speeches reaffirms Solomon Silver trust into a single list . Congress office clerk You Agri Branch President Ahmet Alpaslan , Union News You Agri Branch President Izzet Lightning, Safa Foundation President Mujahid Aydin , İHYAD President Mehmet Aslan , Deputy Provincial Director of Education Isaac Hasanoğlu , Ansar Foundation Ararat Branch Chairman Serhat Kılıç , Dough AK Party District Chairman Übeyt connected, flourishing Officer Sen Branch Chairman Faruk Celik Pain , Pain Health Sen Branch Chairman Malik Imam and Preacher Ruby Alumni union members joined with President Ahmet Erdogan Association .


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